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Daylily EP

by Painted Zeros

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released August 24, 2016



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Painted Zeros New York

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Track Name: III. BRarms & KyrKeGuard, B Major
the one half i sleep ,

the other half i dream
Track Name: Love Triangle (I Was Jolene)
You're taking advantage.
(I'm taking advantage.)
You just want attention.
(I just want attention.)
I hate you and want you
in the span of ten seconds.

I don't even care who you fuck anymore,
(Knowing she comes first is what hurts the most...)
but weren't we the ones who used to be in love?
(This is just the kind of thing I've always been afraid of.)
So surprised, you see,
When I learned you loved her, not me.
So surprised, you see,
That I was Jolene.

So bad at polyamory.
(If you do not love yourself,)
I'm not really sure what you mean...
(How can you love someone else?)
There's not enough love to go around!
(I'm a book kept closed on your shelf.)
I can't believe I was Jolene.

What's it like? I'd like to be you!
What's it like to play your games and never get a single bruise?
What's it like to run away so you don't ever have to choose?
Track Name: Beyond A Chemical Reaction
When I walk into the bar, I do not feel at home. I wonder why I bothered when I'd rather be alone. On the alt rock radio, why just boys singing the songs? I’m so sick of being made to feel my voice does not belong. What a shame that my body makes me less marketable. You asked if I believe in karma. Well, yes I do in fact, and I believe that what you've done is coming back. This forever search for purpose in the soft blue of the night...I know you’re looking too in this space called "wrong" and "right." You asked if i believe in god, well I believe in something...I believe in the mystery of something come from nothing. i believe in love beyond a chemical reaction. I believe in a secret trace--World Spirit’s satisfaction. I believe in something greater than what is seen, but all i've ever known for sure is it’s time for me to sleep.